Common Things I Say in Every Blog Post: A Warning

Hello, welcome to my blog.

My name is Lydia. Sometimes I go by other names like “keeper of the books” or “lemma beans” which is the ship name my best friend and I made for ourselves. Or “Patricia” but that is an inside joke that you don’t want to hear about.

If you are new, then consider this a warning post of all the maybe annoying things I say when writing in the blogging realm. (My books aren’t *always* like this.) Annnnd if you are not new, then consider this a “fun” quiz where you get to guess everything I say before I say it. Yay.

A list of things I say a lot:

I do lists a lot, for one.

“And.” I begin 70% of my sentences with and, and usually directly after another. Sometimes its an “AND” or “Annnnnnd” as you have already seen. And its annoying. Because then “and” loses its meaning and its not even a conjunction anymore. My overuse of “and” makes myself question the existence and relevance of conjunctions at all. So thank you, myself.

I like to compare things to disagreeable scenarios or objects like wet socks, unripe fruit, stale bread, soggy things, stepping on legos when barefoot etc. These appear more in rants than anything else so just avoid rant reviews or reviews of any kind and you can escape the similes of this kind.

I don’t know how to express my love for things and characters other than by screeching which in written format is *screeches* or by screaming IN ALL CAPS THAT THE SAID THING I LOVE IS PRECIOUS AND ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT. I can get creative when describing things I don’t like, but I can’t come up with other ways to express love and appreciation. Maybe I’ll start comparing things to sunsets and Yoda’s wisdom.

I like to yell in the middle of my sentences which may have you picturing me as Chunk from The Goonies. You have already seen examples. Moving on.

I don’t use complete sentences but I HAVE to italicize the title of a movie, book, song, etc. so that you know it is a title.

I use hashtags when I am extra sure about something. i.e. “I love this character so much #yes” “It gets really confusing and creepy #complications” It’s like saying amen twice at the end of a prayer because I am just that certain.

My favorite thing is a good aesthetic so if my rambling thoughts suddenly turn into poetic imagery, don’t be surprised.

But just know that I do refrain from inserting NF lyrics in every post and do at times try to be more than surface deep and philosophical. What habits make your writing annoying? Maybe we share them and that’s why you’re still here. Let me know. I’d love to know.


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