Stabtastic Books That Are Actually Stabby

I have this pet peeve about books that are marketed as “bloody and violent” but the characters literally sometimes think about stabbing people or are like, “Oh yeah one time I killed someone,” but there isn’t actually any killing going on. This isn’t to say that I like, “NEED VIOLENCE IN MY BOOKS NOW” or anything, I just want a book to be stabby when they say its stabby.

And though quite a few books have let me down, there are some books and characters that bring the blood by the gallons. And because I love lists and starting 70% of my sentences with “and,” here, in list format, are STABBTASTIC THE BOOKS THAT I HAVE READ.

The RED QUEEN series by Victoria Aveyard 

This series is more of an exception because it doesn’t exactly have a lot of stabbing per say, but the characters do kill/cause harm quickly and cleverly with their powers and such. Since this is a world where the color of your blood determines if you have super powers or not, it is always interesting to have a character pop up in the story like, “I actually have this blood that gives me a power that no one else has and I will use it to suddenly kill or harm someone.” #yes I think (if I am remembering this correctly) there is this one scene where someone turns someone else’s blood to either ice or glass WHILE IT IS IN THEIR BODY and then stabs the person from the inside out with their own blood. Yes, not pleasant and not something I recommend you try on your friend even if you do have wicked cool powers, BUT it is clever writing.

The THRONE OF GLASS series by Sarah J. Maas is another exception because (lol) the first book is the reason this can turn into a pet peeve. The first book features an assassin who actually never assassinates anyone, BUT, there is this particular scene in the second book, Crown of Midnight, where our queen bae carves a guy up and it’s like, “Okay, the stabbing is real.”

The PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is stabby in a very different way. One, its written for a middle grade audience, but like the bad guys get stabbed by sirens and its epic and hilarious. The violence in these books isn’t gory, but it comes out of nowhere and in some of the most clever ways.

The HUNGER GAMES trilogy by Suzanne Collins which doesn’t really need an explanation. If you haven’t read/seen it, then read the summery and you will know the stabbing is there. Not stabbing, exactly, just a lot of pain and suffering on everyone’s part. Especially the reader’s.

And finally, the book that inspired this whole post is A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC by V.E. Schawb. So Delilah Bard, our main female protagonist of this story, is actually like a low key horrible person that we all want to win. She stabs some people in this story. Suddenly. It’s bloody. And for good reason. Well, most of the time. She slit a guy’s throat for almost raping her so *applause*


If ya’ll have any recommendations for great books that actually have good stabbing, tell meeee. I’d love to eat them. Tyty.


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