Albums That Should Be Adapted

Ever listened to a song or a full out album and thought, that needs to be a movie? Or a book? I’ve listened to plenty of these and just seen an entire story play out in my head. The overall feeling an album can exude can conjure plenty of ideas for adaptations. So here are some of them:

Lorde: Pure Heroine 

Pure H .png

This album, for me, is like the quintessential “coming of age” record. Especially if you grew up in suburbia. Lorde is a character that creates were own world within this album, a world I would love to see on screen. I would love to see a melodramatic (pun intended) view of the suburbian world with Lorde as the center character. But like, on a screen. Because I think a stunning storyline could be created from this music. The story would follow Lorde as a teenager dreaming of fame and it would recount her journey to fame before she actually reaches fame. It would tell the story of an adolescent learning to love, fight for what they believe, and discover ones self. And then the movie would end right before she actually gets famous. It would be like one of those Sundance indie films that should get more credit than it actually does.

Aurora: All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

all my demons greeting me as a friend .jpg

This album is not only fantastical sounding, but weaves its own story with tones of darker, watery mysteries. This album is pure magic, and a movie or book based off of it would be equally as magical. Aurora as an innocent, beautiful, magical child exploring the world around her would make an alluring film.

Taylor Swift: 1989


1989 is such an aesthetic album, that a movie rendition of this would be visually stimulating. Taylor’s love story wherein she rediscovers herself is captured in beautiful imagery that would look great on screen. I mean??? The polaroids??? The retro aesthetic??? The smoking cars, the mirrors, the dark forests at night??? I could go on. It would be about a young woman making her way up into the world. She moves to New York, meets a guy, things go south, the media attacks, but she becomes victor. Or she moves to New York after all that? And Taylor is relatable soooo, yes. I have a Pinterest board for this, guys. It should happen.

Halsey: Badlands 


Not only does this album leek a feeling of badassery, but it makes for a dystopian story in a musical form. Buuut I think this would also be a badass movie. I mean, have you seen the music videos??? I won’t a whole movie for New Americana, not just the music video that we have even though that is great.

Fall Out Boy: American Beauty/American Psycho 


This album, to me, is all about sorting through a love, a relationship with a person that seems to produce complication after complication. As a film, tv series, or book, I think the concept behind this could be portrayed in an American aesthetic. I mean, the album title says it all. The storyline could follow individuals, young and old as they explore this struggle and it could span the U.S., following different storylines and different places. It would be full of adventure and tragedy. But it would also be funny. And it would be one of the realist things we could see.


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